Direct Hit Shooting Academy

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March 6,2017 : Monica Styles
Message:Thank you both for helping us work through this process, we greatly appreciated your program and service to our family! 

January 22, 2017: Gary Williford
Message:  Attended the carry permit class today and all I can say is WOW. The material presented by Gordon was right on and presented in such a way as to not intimidate anyone. Brandy did a superb job of keeping everything on track and provided feedback on scores in a timely fashion. If you are afraid to attend one of these courses just put your fears aside if you choose Direct Hit Shooting Academy ...they do a great job and you will have a bunch of fun. 

Steve Kano said: November 30, 2016
Can't stress enough how well and organized the entire day of classroom and range experience was. Everything you read about the reviews are true and doesn't say enough about Gordon & Brandy's dedication to providing each person with a "wealth" of information and "live" training. I am a lot more confident/knowledgeable about weapon safety and "current" laws as it pertains to Carrying Concealed Permit holders. Another person said "I was filled with so much anxiety. It didn't take long for that anxiety to subside." This was so true for my case as well. NOTE: The instructions provided to complete the TN Carry Permit were so detailed and easy to follow, you know in advance what you need to do and what to provide. Went like "clockwork". Thank you both and your son for a great day. Looking forward to seeing additional classes in the near future! 

Vearl Bible said: July 25,2016                                                                                           Gordon and Brandy,
Just wanted to say thanks and commend you both on the way you handled our CCP class on Sunday.  You both made sure everyone received any attention needed to successfully complete the CCP class… very professional and well done.

Jeffrey Bird said: July 24, 2016
My dad and I took the permit class. Gordon and Brandy were great instructors. Class was very informative and fun. Thank you both for a great day! 

Sam King said: June 29, 2016
I just attended the HCP class. Direct Hit is a great choice of providers. Brandy keeps everything organized. Gordon is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable, patient, safety oriented, and professional. I'm so glad I chose Direct Hit. 

Aaron Veal A.C.E. said:   October 24th, 2015 4:01 pm
I took the practical carry class today and had a blast. I always learn something. Great price too! Can't beat it. Thanks guys. I will be back. If you are reading this trying to choose whether to take a class or not, stop reading and sign up.

Chris & Tara Onks said:   August 2nd, 2015 3:38 pm
My husband and I took the handgun carry course and highly recommend Direct Hit. Both Gordon and Brandy were not only knowledgeable, but also very helpful and friendly. We look forward to taking their defense courses once we get our carry permits!

Craig and Patti Salvador said:   July 20th, 2015 1:03 pm
The Handgun Carry Permit Class we completed was organized, informative and fun! We would highly recommend it to anyone. We plan on taking another course from Gordon soon.

Paul Montfort said:   April 16th, 2015 10:49 pm
We had a great time Gordon is a excellent instructor and is very knowledgable about his hand guns.  Gordon and Brandy are very careful about yours and their safety the whole time we were there in the classroom and on the shooting range. It was well worth the hour drive for class. Thanks again Gordon and Brandy for your time to instruct us.

Christopher D. Randolph said:   March 15th, 2015 2:33 pm
Kudos to Gordon, Brandy, and Johnnie. Thanks for the Awesome day I experienced at your range on yesterday, March 14, 2015. Prior to arriving for the handgun conceal carry class and qualifying on the range, I was filled with so much anxiety. It didn't take long for that anxiety to subside. You guys are Great! The experience was worth riding 45 miles from south east Knoxville, Tn  

Tabitha said:   March 9th, 2015 6:13 pm
My husband and I took your handgun carry course yesterday. Gordon & Brandy know what they are doing. The class time was great, and of course the range time. We look forward to other classes we can take in the future!

Tyler Ledbetter said:   March 8th, 2015 8:11 pm
I had a great time taking my Handgun Carry Class today at Direct Hit Shooting Academy. Gordon Holland was s great instructor both in the class and range. I now feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about both my weapon and carrying concealed. Thanks

Dan Bradley said:   February 8th, 2015 3:26 pm
Today I successfully completed the TN Handgun Carry Permit at Direct Hit Shooting Academy in Philadelphia, TN. Gordon Holland was a competent, clear, concise instructor both in the classroom and on the shooting range. His military expertise, passion for guns, and family participation (wife and son) was quite refreshing. While I myself am prior military and comfortable with weapons, Gordon helped me improve my grip and accuracy. Thanks Gordon, Brandy & family. Great Experience.